I vividly remember the first day of last winter. It was a brisk, yet unseasonably warm, December Sunday. It was the first weekend of winter break and I finally had a chance to get out in the yard and do the fall yard work that had been neglected for the entire season due to a crammed schedule and an injury that had thrown me for a loop.  While I was dreaming of a white Christmas, I appreciated the extra time to clean up the yard before the snow arrived.

As I raked leaves across the brown grass my mind wandered.  First, I was so thankful and joyful to be able to move again.  It felt so good to take a step and know that I wasn’t going to be wincing in pain or have my knee completely give out.  Then I began to think about my writing life… much like my yard it had long been neglected which was so frustrating and disappointing for me.

As I continued around the yard, cutting back perennials and cleaning out beds, I kept on mulling over my writing.  I felt like I needed a change and I needed to shake things up but not sure how to move forward.

Meanwhile I kept mulling… But not writing much… Two more seasons passed…

Here I am nearly a year later.  My writing life has “wintered over”  long enough and I finally feel ready to bring my writing life back to life again.  So here it goes…

I have moved on from old blog “My Random Wonderings”; a title I came up with quickly on the eve of the March “Slice of Life” challenge a few years ago.  My new blog, “My Mindful Musings”, likely won’t contain vastly different content from my prior blog. But, I hope it does reflect a more focused purpose and sense of mindfulness I am attempting to embrace in my life.  Over the last few years, I have allowed my life to run me ragged. Now I am taking control and focusing on what is important to me.

I am looking forward to growing some of the ideas that I have been mulling over and rejoining the “Slice of Life” community.